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written by
Larry Ervin Heck

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In late April or the first week of May in 1891, the family traveled to Antwerp, Belgium and boarded a ship named the SS Noordland. They began a 2600 mile journey on a ship that ran 24 hrs a day at 15 MPH.  On May 14, 1891, they arrived in New York.  They listed their destination as Chicago but by 1900, they were living in DuBois.  Marg was no longer with the family.  We have no photos of the family for the voyage or anytime soon afterward.  We do have records for them that can be found in the Photo Gallery by clicking the link above.

Belgium is a small country on the eastern border of Germany.  We do not know what means of travel was used
by the Hecks in getting to Antwerp, however, Belgium did have a good train system in 1891.  Mathew was 50 yrs
old and Catherine was 52.  In a later census, Catherine listed her place of birth as Baden, Germany.


Peter Heck was 24 years old when he stepped off the SS Noordland in New York City.  His family line extends all the way down to the author of this web site, Larry E Heck.  Click the board for more about Peter Heck.

Marg was 20 years old when the ship landed.  Her given name was Margaret and she married Peter Lorenz in Du Bois.  The family moved to a farm between Sugar Grove and Aurora, ILL.  Click the board for more about Margaret Heck.

Matt Heck, Jr was 14 years old when he arrived in the USA on the Noordland with the rest of the the family.  He became a coal miner and lived in Nokomis and then Taylorville, Illinois.  He was 52 years old in the 1930 census.  He was found slumped over his equipment in the mine where he worked. Click the board for more about Mathew Heck, Jr.